Test scenario

Speaker test solution



R&D background

The speaker test system is an efficient test solution developed by us specifically for speaker production control. When used with our speaker test software, it can stably and quickly test the frequency response, distortion, Rub & Buzz, Impedance, F0 and other parameters of the speakers. The software is easy to use, which allows simple and easy to understand staff training. Current speaker test mainly adopts the method of artificial listening, but human ear could be fatigued after listening for a long time, leading to errors, misjudgments, etc. or even hearing damage and further occupational hazards, as such this method is not conducive to enterprise development.


Our speaker test system can accurately capture Rub & Buzz! It can completely replace the artificial listening method and test all parameters in only 6 seconds!


Test items


1.Rub & Buzz


2. Frequency response curve


3.THD curve


4. Polarity curve


5. Impedance curve


6.F0 parameter



Main feature

Easy: friendly Chinese operation interface

Comprehensive: All the items needed for integrated speaker testing

Efficient: One-click measurement of frequency response, distortion, abnormal sound, impedance, polarity, F0, etc. in one second

Optimization: Abnormal sounds (leakage, noise, vibrato, etc.) are tested accurately and quickly, completely replacing artificial listening

Stable: small shielded box ensures test accuracy and stability

Accurate: efficient while ensuring detection accuracy

Economy: cost-effective to help companies reduce costs



System composition

The audiobus speaker test system consists of three modules: the shielding box, the detection body part and the human-computer interaction part.

The exterior of the shielding box is made of high-quality aluminum alloy plate, which can effectively isolate the low frequency interference from the outside. The inner surround sound-absorbing cotton prevents the effects of sound reflection.

The main part of the test consists of the AD2122 audio analyzer, the professional test power amplifier AMP50 and the standard measurement microphone.

The human-computer interaction part consists of a computer and a foot pedal.



Operation method

On the production line, companies do not need professional training for operators. After the technician sets the upper and lower limits according to the high-quality speaker index, the operator only needs 3 actions to complete the good identification of the speaker, that is, the speaker to be tested, the foot pedal automatic test, and the speaker to be tested are taken out. An operator can pair with two sets of audiobus speaker test systems to greatly increase productivity.



Chinese interface



Test results - distortion curve

The total distortion ratio corresponding to each frequency point obtained by sweeping.


Test results - frequency response curve (1/6 Oct, smooth)

Test the response of the same signal amplitude for different frequencies.Set the control curve according to standard frequency response curve with offset which usually is 3dB or otherwise accords to the requirements of your product.




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