Test scenario

Type C connector / headset test solution



R&D background

Type-C headset test system is an efficient test solution developed by us for quality checkingof Type-C headsets. When used with our Type-C headset test software, it can stably and quickly test parameters such as speaker acoustics, microphone acoustics, etc. The software is easy to use, which allows simple and easy to understand staff training. At the same time, all test reports are saved after the test is completed, which greatly facilitates later data tracing and management and improves the efficiency of the entire production management.

Now the company is proud to introduce this special 16 channel test instrument that can simultaneously test 8 Pcs Type-C semi-finished PCBAs. This product features very stable testing performance and can accurately detect any rub &buzz in any finished product, as such it can be used to completely replace experienced human listener.



Test items


1. Frequency response curve (sensitivity)


2. Polarity curve


3. Signal to noise ratio


4.Rub & Buzz

5. Microphone frequency response curve


6.THD curve


7. Left and right headphone balance


8. Left and right channel separation


9. Product operating current


10. Microphone distortion curve



System Features

Easy: friendly Chinese operation interface

Comprehensive: one-button test speaker acoustics and microphone acoustic parameters / PCBA parameters

Stable: stable test, 8 PCBA plug and test

Multi-channel: Support 16 channels / 8 PCBA

Efficient: 8 PCBA inspections at 20 seconds (20s / 8 = 2.5s)

Accurate: efficient while ensuring detection accuracy

Optimization: abnormal sound test is accurate and rapid, can replace manual listening (Type C finished headphones)

Price: cost-effective to help companies reduce costs



Chinese interface




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