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As a professional technology company that integrates the development, production and sales of audio test instruments and sound measurement systems, Op New Audio Testing Co. Ltd. is dedicated to become a superior one-stop provider of audio test solutions.


Founded in 2018, the company has a registered capital of RMB 10 million and is headquartered in Songhu Huake Industrial Incubation Park, SongshanHu High-tech Zone, Dongguan City, with a business area of about 1,000 square meters. The company has a complete testing laboratory, with AP, B&K instruments, anechoic chamber and other tools and equipment for customers to test and compare free of charge, and it can provide industry-leading comprehensive audio testing services and the most extensive professional product line.


The company has a R&D team with rich expertise. It also has advanced technical support and abundant industry experience in data acquisition and peripheral accessories, customized software development. Audiobus independently developed professional and efficient KK audio analysis software (copyrighted), and the high-performance Type-C and speaker test systems which has attracted industry attention. AD2000 series of audio and electroacoustic test instruments, launched under the Audiobus brand, are highly appreciated by customers.


Audiobus always adheres to the principle of “ highest quality, high efficiency, high technology and high cost performance”in both automated audio acoustic test system and professional audio and electroacoustic test equipment. It is committed to working with users to build and maintain friendly and loyal partnerships, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, highly interactive communication and open feedback.


Audiobus attaches great importance to striving spirit, providing a platform for development of talented people, cultivation of professional and technical experts, establishing a solid foundation for sustainable development and strives to better the audio and electro-acoustic testing industry with all talents in the industry.




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